Cookeryaki lava rock oven, lava pizza oven, lava firewood pizza oven use bread and pizza baked on natural lava stone. Its charm lies in the unique aromatic scent, which makes consumers feel the scent of teeth after eating. The crispy crust of baked bread has a soft and elastic inner layer. In particular, the Italian pizza, which is heated on the lava rock when the wood is burning, staring at the burning fire, and accompanied by the sound of dry wood bursting, the delicious and fragrant pizza is baked, feeling the triple enjoyment of sight, hearing and smell. Novel and romantic baking method. The pizza has the aroma of fruit trees and the crispness of the thin bottom, which seems to bring us back to the ancient civilization.

Food that feels delicious needs special equipment to support it, and the lava stone oven series produced by us is the brand oven that makes its delicious food.


The original bread was made from stone milled flour, which was first hand made and processed, then naturally fermented, and finally baked in a wood-fired bread oven made of stone bases, exuding the original deliciousness. Such bread is now rare. Modern people like to return to nature. And our lava rock oven can bring the food you baked back to the original, and maintain its organic fragrance. It is based on volcanic lava rock and has a multiplier effect on baked food.


1. After heating, lava rock will release a lot of far infrared rays, which can quickly transfer the heat energy to the bread core, so it can effectively prevent unnecessary drying and maintain the moisture required for food baking.

2. The natural lava with porous structure has strong heat preservation and moisturizing power.

3. The elements contained in the lava rock have deodorizing, purifying and antibacterial effects, and can eliminate the peculiar smell, so that the baked food has a unique fermentation aroma.

4. Ability to ingest trace metals and minerals necessary for the body in lava.